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Until the Year 2000
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As you probably know, many computers use two digits to keep track of the year. The concern is that on January 1, 2000, these computers will recognize "double zero" not as the year 2000 but as 1900. This problem "could" cause them to stop running or start generating erroneous data.

Here at SurfersNet we are taking every step possible to ensure that your computer systems and interfaces are Year 2000 compliant. We will assist and educate you with proper updating software to eliminate this problem within your PC environment if necessary. We recommend that you take the FREE test through our site or through the linking site below to be absolutely positive that your computer even needs this particular software.
The test will conclude whether your systems' BIOS is in need of an update or not.
In researching the available Y2K software companies SurfersNet.Com strongly recommends the following software:
"PCfix 2000". You are able to purchase this software through their website by using this image link below.

What this software is able to do, is to update your computer systems' BIOS
(a microchip where your computer systems' date information is stored). After this software is installed the company
guarantees that your system will continue operating as efficiently as before.

There is an urgent need for all companies to consider all aspects of the Year 2000 problem, including some points of which you may not be aware. While it has been widely reported how this problem affects government and financial systems, little has been reported on how this worldwide problem also affects personal computers and many pieces of hardware that contain microchips as well:

  • Office equipment and Security Systems
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Gas, Water, and Electrical Utilities; and
  • Process Control Systems
Some personal computers are still being shipped with the incorrect BIOS. It is estimated that 47% of all PC's manufactured in 1997, and as many as 79% of PC's built prior to 1997, are not Year 2000 compliant. One large PC manufacturer was shipping computers with non-year 2000 compliant BIOS up until the first quarter of 1997. Most older generation mini and mainframe systems were designed with the space-saving two-digit date field and should be upgraded or replaced.

Most large organizations have been working for several years already on resolving potential Year 2000 problems in their systems. Small businesses can use the information to help determine whether they will have Year 2000 problems and to plan corrective actions to minimize financial losses from paying premium prices for Year 2000 conversion assistance, which will become increasingly costly as the millennium date approaches.

There are many helpful sources you can turn to for making your business ready for the century date change. The Internet has thousands of web sites dedicated to the Year 2000 problem. Many sites have links to sources of freeware, planning tools, discussion groups, and so forth.

Here is a short list of useful Web sites.

Perhaps the most important thing that those at the top levels of their industry management can do is to get enough information from technical personnel to be certain they have identified and solved the problem.