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For People with Natal charts, Use the following links to intrepret your chart.

The following are custom pages I created to give you a custom "reading" of you chart info.

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Find out what your "Aspects" mean

Most of the above info came from the following site.

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These are important things to look at when trying to figure out relationships


One of the first things to look at is the position of the Sun and Moon in both charts.
The Sun is often referred to as the masculine principle in astrology, since it represents a person's outward expression. The Moon is called the feminine principle, since it represents the emotional side. If a man has the Moon in his First House, he is usually the kind of man who is in touch with his emotions - someone who accepts feelings comfortably rather than someone who tries to repress them. If a woman has the Sun in her First House, she tends to have a strong sense of self or an authority and dignity about her that is a natural part of her personality.

Very often you can tell the kind of woman whose personality will appeal to a man by looking at where the Moon is in his chart. Is the Moon in Aries or Leo? He probably likes strong, assertive women who refuse to be pushed around. Is the Moon in Virgo? He's likely to be attracted to practical and stable women. Is it in Libra or Pisces? He tends to fall in love with romantic, feminine women.

Conversely, you can often find out what kind of man intrigues a woman by looking at the sign her Sun is in. Is it in Taurus? She probably likes strong, earthy types who have a knack for making money. Is it in Gemini? She tends to be attracted to brainy men, writers, and intellectual types.
Keep in mind, though, that people don't always end up with (or sometimes even go out with) the men and women who attract them. People also choose lovers on an unconscious level. For more about why we pick the people we do, consult the Influence of Mars and Venus below.

Now look at the two Moon signs. Are they compatible with each other? Don't worry if your two Sun signs or Moon signs are not in the most harmonious aspect to each other. Remember that a square or opposition (three signs away and six signs away) may add fireworks to the relationship, and also bring interest and excitement. In any case, this is only the beginning of your comparison. The positions of your respective Suns and Moons are a factor to consider, but only one among many.


If your Moon is in the same sign as your lover's Sun, or vice versa:
This is a wonderful combination. It is a green light to a happy and lasting affair and indicates that each of you should have a deep understanding of the other.

More on Sun Moon Combinations

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1) If your Sun sign is the same as your lover's Ascendant (rising sign), or your Ascendant is the same as your lover's Sun sign:
This is a powerful indication of happiness and contentment between you. Your personalities mesh well because you tend to think alike.

2) If your Sun sign is in opposition (six signs away) to your lover's Ascendant, or your Ascendant is in opposition to your lover's Sun sign:
This is also a positive influence and bodes well for rapport. In this case, each person would be likely to supply what the other needs or even lacks.
For example, if she is a Libra Sun sign and he is an Aries Ascendant, he will probably be able to give a push to her lazy nature, while she can bring a touch of elegance and romance to his aggressiveness.

3) If your Sun sign is the same as the sign of your lover's Tenth House, or your Tenth House sign is the same as your lover's Sun sign:
You both mix career and love well. In this case, your aims and goals should be compatible, and each can be a source of power or inspiration to push the other.

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As you have just read, two powerful influences for compatibility are when the Suns and Ascendants in the two charts are in conjunction or in opposition. If you don't fall into either category, there are other aspects to consider. Does your Sun and your lover's Ascendant (or vice versa) form a square (three signs away from each other)?:
There may be quarrels along the way and probably more than a little competition between the two of you. But the sparks of feeling between you should at least make the affair interesting.

Is your Sun and your lover's Ascendant (or vice versa) in sextile or trine aspect (two signs away or four signs away)?:
There will be a great deal of tolerance for each other's weaknesses. You both tend to blend with each other and work harmoniously together.

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Venus, planet of love, has always been a feminine planet in astrology. It represents your capacity for affection and sharing, your geniality, friendliness, and charm. The position of Venus in your chart tells what kind of effect you have on others. In a woman's chart, it is usually the placement of Venus that gives an indication of her love nature.

Mars, which represents energy and aggression, is a masculine planet. It deals specifically with a person's sexual nature, with the fire and passion of sexual response. In a man's chart, it is the placement of Mars that gives an indication of the way he deals with women.

Just as the Sun and Moon in your chart indicate to some extent what kind of man or woman you are attracted to, so Venus and Mars point to the kind of person who sexually stirs you.
In a woman's chart, the position of Mars will often tell what kind of man arouses her. Very often the arousal is on a subconscious level. This may be the film star who ignites her imagination or the man at a party she is immediately intrigued by without even thinking about it.

In a man's chart, the position of Venus usually indicates the kind of women he is drawn to.
For example, if his Venus is in Gemini, he is likely to be stimulated by a woman who is amusing, lively, and witty. Venus points to the woman who, consciously or not, seizes his emotions.
Astrologers always look at the positions of Venus and the Moon in a chart to see where a person's emotions are most strongly attracted.

More on Venus and Mars

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Your Venus and your lover's Mars (or vice versa) are in the same sign:
Both of you are passionate and sexually responsive. Your love life will be stimulat ing even if there are temperamental differences.

Your Venus is in the same sign as your lover's Ascendant (or vice versa):
You tend to be imaginative lovers and know what pleases each other.

Your Venus is in your lover's Sun sign (or vice versa):
This indicates not only a joyous sex life, but mutual interests in other areas as well.

Your Mars is in your lover's Moon sign (or vice versa):
Can be a volatile combination because of the emotional element; a high-keyed sex life is indicated.

More on Synastry

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