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We provide a variety of drafting, design, technical and computer related services; utilizing a variety of techniques including: CAD Imaging, Graphics, Video, Video Capture, Scanning, Animation, and Sound.

Patent Drafting and Drafting services Design
3D & Animation Internet Services & Graphics
Graphics CD Rom Creation


Software installation and upgrades.

  • Hardware installation and upgrades.
  • Making old/new equipment work with new/old software.
  • Make any equipment do what it is supposed to.
  • Help determine system requirements and proper integration methods.
  • Help determine methods and solutions for transferring information from mainframes or old computers.
  • Help determine and implement archival methods.
  • Basically, for any computer related problem or need, we will try to find the best solution.

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    Drafting Services

    • Scanning And Conversions
    • Redraws
    • Detailing
    • Technical Illustrations
    • Technical Manuals
    • Litigation aids

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    • Mechanical
    • Mechanical Layout
    • Electrical
    • Electro-mechanical

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    • Presentations
    • Flying Logos
    • Merge computer images with real world images
    • Fly thru's

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    • Custom graphics
    • Convert formats
    • Archive images
    • Merge computer generated graphics with photos
    • Architectural-show proposed changes to buildings or scenery
    • Design logos
    • Page layout
    • Graphics layout
    • Color seperations for printing
    • High quality output
    • Virtually any size output

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    Internet & Intranet Services

    • Page Creation
      • Design/Maintain Internet Pages
      • Design Intranet Pages
      • Graphics
      • Sound
      • HTML
      • Java Script
      • VB Script
      • Active Server Pages - (ASP)
    • Server Installation
    • Setup Internet Services
    • Training
    Internet Graphics/VRML

    • Animated gifs
    • Interlaced Gifs
    • Animations
    • Movies
    • Create VRML Worlds
    • Convert 3D images to VRML
    • Convert 3D Scenery to VRML
    • Animations and Sound in VRML Worlds

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    CD Rom Creation

    • Archive Data
    • Presentation Cd's
    • Demo's for customers
    • Mix Audio and Data
    • Multimedia
    • Generate Music CD's
    • Generate Masters

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