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Rock Me Amadeus
Another One Bites The Dust
Dazed and Confused
Dr. Who Theme song
Fur elise
Fur elise 2
Fur Elise 3
Tubular Bells-Excorcist
Tubular Bells 2-Excorcist
Tubular Bells 3-Excorcist
Funky Town
Get Smart Theme Song
Good times, Bad times
Love Story
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible 2
Mission Impossible 3
Purple Haze
Peter Gunn
Pipeline 2
Pipeline 3
Smoke on the Water
Star Trek
Staying Alive
Super Mario

Sweet Home Alabama
James Bond
Pink Panther
Pink Panther 2
Take On Me
Axel-f-Beverly Hills Cop
Twilight Zone
Band On The Run
Bumble Bee
Dueling Banjos
Foxey Lady
I Got Rythym-Guitar Midi
Like A Virgin
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Scarbourouh Fair
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Talking In Your Sleep
The Twilight Zone-Golden Earring
To Love Somebody
Johnny Comes Marching Home
White Wedding
William Tell Overture
Wind Cries Mary

Blue magoos-One of my fav guitar solos
By Your Command-Cylon from Battlestar Galactica

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