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         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Help with setting up your system for your new connection to SurfersNet.Com
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) On-line support for the most common e-mail software
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Instructions for Internet Explorer 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Netscape 3.3 and 4.6
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Learn in six easy steps how to set up RSACi and Safesearch for content filtering in either IE or Netscape browser
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Find your local dial up number through our access numbers page
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Downloads (Browsers, Sound, Chat, FTP, Graphics, On Line Gaming, Zip Utilities)

 aball(1).gif (924 bytes) We will guide you through each step with easy-to-follow pictures

MIDI aball(1).gif (924 bytes) Open up the Midi player and select a song to listen to while you surf the internet

RADIO aball(1).gif (924 bytes) Listen to the music you really like and surf the web at the same time!
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Using Radio Player, choose your favorite category
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Listen to radio stations from across the nation

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aball(1).gif (924 bytes) Wide range of topics from sports to business solutions
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Let us show you how we can help using latest technology combined with our extensive resources
         WB01518_1.gif (392 bytes) Have some fun play a game or check out the latest on discounts in airfares, cruises and a lot more

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