Lisp programming and Free Autocad Lisp files

Free Lisp for AutoCad and
ACAD STUFF for AutoCad



3d.dwg-Viewports for 3D drawings

acadpure.dwg-Pure/clean acad drawing file-Use for dxfin!

boxa.dwg-Settings for patent drawings

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Free Lisp for Autocad, ACAD routine-Acad GAME- shoot at entities in your drawings.

Add.lsp-Online Calculator.- Bonus winner in 11/96 Cadalyst-lisp

Findtxt.lsp- Search for text in your drawing. ie balloon numbers-lisp

std.lsp-Standardizes variables and layers..This is a SAMPLE of a standard

Le.lsp-Lisp routine for drawing a line and then entering text.

Ct.lsp-Lisp routine for doing a copy and change of text.

Cht.lsp-Lisp to Standardize/modify selected text in a dwg

Ls.lsp-Lisp routine for setting layers. Winner in Cadalyst

Hd.lsp-Lisp routine for breaking a line and changing it to a hidden line(or some other layer-user selectable)

Sq.lsp-Lisp routine for drawing a square-uses line or pline & shows coords as dragging the square.

Cut.lsp-Lisp routine for 'CUTTING' a portion of drawing for use in another file

Paste.lsp-Lisp routine for 'PASTING' previously 'CUT' portion

my.lsp-Lisp routine including several custom functions that I use all the time.

  • LS - set or create layer
  • MO -match object
  • STR -stretch crossing
  • ITEM -leader with balloons
  • MID2 -midpoint of 2 lines
  • H -horizontal dimensions
  • HD -break lines & change layer
  • SQ -square
  • F0 -fillet radius 0
  • LAY -toggle layers
  • MT -match text
  • ANGMODE -switch axes
  • LE -line w/text
  • INT2 -intersection of 2 lines
  • V -vertical dimensions
  • CM -copy/move
  • CT -copy/change text

md.lsp (Make Dimension)-Lisp routine for easy dimensioning in autocad.
Advanced dimensioning control in ACAD. You may have to tweak some things depending on the software you are using.

  • H - Horizontal Dimension Utility with Online Variable Adjustments and Selective Updating of ASSOCIATIVE or EXPLODED DIMENSIONS
    At the prompt, activate an option by typing the capitol letter associated with the option. ie. To activate the 'Sup' option, type 'S'
  • EXPLANATION of Command Line and Options:
  • Sup - suppress both extension lines
  • Ext - use both extension lines
  • Dec - use decimal dimension, prompts for places
  • Frac- use fraction dimension
  • Update - selected dimensions, leaders, text, AND/OR lines will be UPDATED to current settings; including color and layer settings based upon variables at the beginning of this program. ALSO, any text that is updated will have the Post Text added to it. ie. If Post Text = \" and the selected text = .25 the UPDATE will be: .25\
  • Move - move dimension text
  • ST - set tolerances
    <24.14> - SAMPLE of dimension text including any Post Text
  • S1 - suppress first extension line
  • S2 - suppress second extension line
  • Text inside - force text inside dimension line
  • Align text - align dimension text along dimension line
  • Limit - use LIMIT dimensioning ie. .375/.378
  • tOls - use tolerances ie. .375 +.002/-.003
  • DF - dimension scale factor ie. if you need a metric dimension on an inch dwg
  • Post text - text to put after a dimension ie. REF, TYP, \"; include any spaces
  • First extension line origin or RETURN to select: - THIS IS THE PROMPT
  • ? -displays help and available functions
  • For additional info on Dimensioning Package

dstyle.lsp-For use with MD.lsp

smark.dwg-Surface Mark drawing. For use with MD.lsp

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patent.pat-Patent drawing hatch patterns for rubber and plastic.
Includes the following patent drawing hatch patterns - Plastic, plasti, rub, rubber which are specific to patent drawings.
Simply open the file and copy the appropriate patterns into your standard pat file.

Cad.bat-Sample startup batch with proagio

acad.pgp-Sample acad.pgp file. Use your alias's

Keys.bat-Redefine your Keyboard- BE CAREFUL!

Keyu.bat-RESET your Keyboard

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From Other Sources
These files are NOT my creation but are still worth having!

man.dwg-Top View of a man (full scale)


Isocad-Help draw isometrics from 2d views-lisp

ssx.lsp-Acad's filter search-lisp

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