Lisp programming and Free Autocad Lisp files

LISP Programs for Autocad

Here is a list of available programs, what they do, and projected time savings. Custom programming also available.


BOM V.6 - main Bill Of Materials program, Used for creating or adding BOM's to drawings uses text for easy editing OR blocks. Easily customized for your requirements. Exports drawing BOM to sheet form.

  • Bill of material creation on drawing Features:
    • Auto numbering of BOM lines
    • Auto prompt for Dwg no., Part no., Qty, Material, Description, etc...
    • Auto informaion association. ie.. If material is aluminum, then prompt with black anodize finish
    • Auto placement of Information, to maintain Text locations
    • Auto layering per your standards
    • Double line capability
    • Can use "hot" keys to duplicate previous input
    • Auto line creation
    • Auto Trimming and extending of BOM lines
    • Use blocks or text
    • Convert between blocks and text
    • Convert all line items to specific text height or spacing
    • Update old drawings, standardizing text ht's and placement, plus current layering standards
    • Import feature, for importing BOM ascii files, Automatically reads in file and creates the Drawing BOM
    • Standard/option feature, lets you have and keep track of any options that may be part of the Bill.
    • Export feature allows user to output Bills from drawings to standard forms and sheets.
    • Ability to output to ascii file, for use with other programs.
  • Bill of material forms creation / export Features:
    • Automatically and completely fill out Bill of materials forms
    • Multi-sheet capability
    • Auto print or plot BOM forms and sheets.
    • Auto date feature
    • Top level down feature goes into every sub-assembly and generates all bills required.
    • Generates list of Drawings that aren't on your system, ie. Drawings done by hand.
    • Standard/option feature, lets you have and keep track of any options that may be part of the Bill.

    Requirements: limits, dimscale, standard Bill of material format .

    TIME SAVINGS - this will depend on the quantity of bills currently used and created. If used everyday, somewhere between .5 to 1 hours will be saved per person.

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    PLOTME - automatically creates and sends your plot with this one command.

    • Defaults to your assigned colors and pen sizes
    • Auto detection of paper size and plot scale
    • No "preview" necessary
    • Can quickly change to a single pen for all colors
    • Plot display automatically for any size or scale
    • Quickly send plot to any plotter or printer
    • Batch plotting or printing to any of your devices

    Requirements: limits, dimscale

    TIME SAVINGS - this will depend on the quantity plots generated daily. If used everyday, somewhere between .5 to 1 hours will be saved per person per day.

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    Title Block

    TB - main program for inserting title blocks, fills in most of the title block AUTOmatically. Sets up your drawing variables.

    • Inserts title block
    • Sets dimscale, limits, ltscale, (and any other standards)
    • Auto-date
    • Auto-drawn by
    • Auto-drawing number (if in that drawing)
    • Auto-scale
    • Auto informaion association. ie.. If material is aluminum, then prompt with black anodize finish
    • Metric or inch
    • Prompts for unknown fields.
    • Block or text format
    • Can be used to link with the 'PART' program

    Requirements: title 'blocks', variable 'myname'

    TIME SAVINGS - this will depend on the quantity of title blocks used daily. If used everyday, somewhere between .5 to 1 hours will be saved per person per day

    TBUP - title block update, used to update your title blocks

    • Update title block whether it is in text or block format to your current standards.
    • Update to a "new" title block
    • Rescale a title block or change to a different size. ie.. Full scale to 1/4 scale, B size to C size.
    • Auto-scale,
    • Resets dimscale, limits, and ltscale (and any other variables)
    • Convert to metric or inch
    • Convert between block or entity type title blocks
    • Batch processing for multiple drawings.

    Requirements: existing title block

    TIME SAVINGS - between 5 and 15 min. per drawing

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    REV - for adding revision notes and balloons to drawings.

    • Auto-count
    • Auto-date
    • Auto-name
    • Auto-placement of text
    • Auto-creation of lines and seperators
    • Prompts for revision description

      Requirements: limits, dimscale

      TIME SAVINGS - between 5 and 15 min. per drawing

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      Database Management System

      PART V. 3.18 - edit drawings in any directory, maintain a text based drawing database, take out drawing numbers

      • Drawing Features:
        • Take out the next available part no
        • add number and drawing information to database
        • Auto start new drawing with new part number, insert and automatically fill out the title block information. (option: now or later)
        • Search for drawing file that may be misfiled or misnamed.
        • Edit drawing without having to specify the directory.
        • Ability to insert drawings from any directory without entering the path in a block form or exploded form.
        • Save current drawing as another file to any directory, defaults to your NEW part number.
        • Defaults to the last drawing you were in
        • Capability of starting CAD with the last drawing you were in.
        • Maintain project/product directories
        • Full network support
      • Database Features:
        • Add part numbers or information.
        • Import information from other databases or sources
        • Revise database part information
        • Print complete database or a specified section of the database
        • Search database for specific information ie. "bearings" - option to print this list out.
        • Search database for a specific drawing number or Title, etc...
        • Create database from all existing drawings
        • Works with the Title Block program and information created by EXTRACT

      Requirements: TB.lsp for auto-title blocks

      TIME SAVINGS - 1 to 2 hours per person per day can be realized

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      MD is now available as a free lisp download

      • MD - main dimensioning package, installs the following programs and sets up your display units and dimension units, (ie. if you want to draw in 4 place decimal, but only want to dimension in 2 place decimal) After installed, can update any dimensions or text to your standards. Also works with dimstyles. Used for Matching dimensions.

      • H - horizontal dimensioning command
        • Creates dimensions and notes using appropriate layers and colors
        • Sets dim units
        • Provides on-line manipulation of the most changed dim variables while dimensioning.
        • On-line help
        • Very powerful updating feature
        • Update text, notes, dimensions or exploded dimensions to appropriate layers and colors.

      • V - same as the 'H' but for inputting vertical dimensions

      • OR - ORDINATE dimensions
        • Same features as the "H" command
        • Easy manipulation of UCS for ordinate dimensioning

      • DU - for resetting display and dimension units

      • ITEM - for producing balloon item numbers on appropriate layers

      • SM - putting in surface marks

      • STR - stretch 'crossing' that switches to your assigned dimension units. (ie. toggles to your dim unit settings for stretching dimensioned parts) Aids in maintaining dim var settings, while stretching parts.

      Requirements: dimscale

      TIME SAVINGS - .5 to 1 hours per person per day can be realized

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      LAYR - turn multiple layers on or off by color or linetype. Select entities by color or linetype and change them to any layer, color or linetype.

      LAY - select layer by name or selecting an entity, toggle this layer on and off, or Set/Freeze/Thaw this layer.

      LS - layer set, type name or select entity, if name doesn't exist you create a new layer giving color and linetype.

      note: these layering programs are not only useful for layer manipulation but also for changing the way existing drawings are layered to the way you want the entities layered.

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      Bonus Packages

      Bonus package 1:

      STD - standardize drawings: update older drawings to your current standard system variables, dim variables, layer names, colors, and linetypes, also capable of changing entities from old style layer names to your current style. (ie. you have 2 or 3 layers in your drawing (dimension, notes, text) and you want to convert these to 1 layer (dim) )

      DI - distance in alternate measuring, automatically get a distance in your drawing in metric or inch format. includes: (M) for entering metric units in inch drawing and (IN) for entering inch units in a metric drawing

      PRNT - print a set of drawings, either by typing the names in or specifying an ascii file which includes a list of drawings.

      PRTME - prints a set of drawings specified by selecting the part numbers in a drawing's BOM.

      EXTRACT - program for extracting title block info and adding to a text file.

      DWGSCR - program for creating a script file to go into multiple drawings obtained from a list and manipulate each dwg identically. ie. EXTRACT info, update title blocks or standards.

      Bonus package 2:

      ANGMODE - switch axes to any angled line or type angle

      CHT - standardize text: window over text to change text to your current standard

      CM - copy/move entities: select entities and pick a reference or start point. Then zoom to another area, regen, draw new entities, or anything. Type 'CM' again to have access to your original selection set and start point and be able to move or copy your original selection set. (other commands available: rotate, mirror) This command basically lets you treat a selection like a block.

      CT - copy text to a new location and type in the new text.

      F0 - fillet radius 0

      HD - break line & change selected side to a specific layer. You have control of a 1 pt or 2 pt break on the line you have control of what layer you want the broken entity put on. By selecting layer 'ERASE', the broken section will be erased. Very useful when making hidden sections of parts, or when working with multiple layers for hidden lines, or when working with lines going over blocks.

      INT2 - intersection of 2 lines that don't touch. use (INT2)

      LE - line w/text (similiar to item, but without arrows or balloons)

      MID2 - midpoint of 2 lines, use '(MID2)' for selecting a point directly in the middle of 2 lines. Great for creating centerlines of parts or mirroring features about non-symetrical parts.

      MO - match object(s): pick entity(s) to change, pick existing entity to match, matches layer, color, and linetype

      MT - match text, ht, width and style

      PA - purge all, must use ^C to exit

      SQ - draw squares and rectangles in line or polyline mode, shows lengths of rectangle in your coordinate display. can enter in rectangle size on keyboard. (ie. pick first point then type '@2,3' to get a 2 x 3 rectangle.)

      TE - onscreen text editor

      UTILS - useful programmers group of commands, entity information, files

      CALL - E-MAIL for CAD, includes REDRAW for receiving messages.
      Requires - myname

      FIRE - shoot at selected entities on screen, includes straight missile and heat seeking missile, keeps score.
      Requires - dimscale, hit.dwg

      KEYS.bat - sample batch file for DOS showing how to program your keys

      KEYSU.bat - unload key programs

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