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Balanced Links (No political leanings)

All Politics This CNN site is current and comprehensive, though it leans liberal.

American Heart Association Highly regarded public health charity.

Campaigns and Elections The Magazine for people in politics. Great research site.

Campaign Scoop Good political clips from across the United States.

Citizens Against Government Waste America's largest government waste fighting organization with over 600,000 members nationwide and 60,000 in Illinois.

The Congressional Quarterly Another newspaper with good inside info.

C-SPAN Extremely fair and detailed information.

Governing An excellent magazine on state and local government.

Griffin Strategy Group - A New Hampshire based political consultant offers updated news on the upcoming NH Primary. There is a good (free) E-mail newsletter available here. Todays political news in 250 words or less. Good polling information. An excellent unbiased political news site.

Politics1 This is one of the best political sites on the web. It has great depth, is fair, updated and a great free email newsletter.

Political Resources Excellent source of information about campaigns and political consultants.

Roll Call A Capitol Hill newspaper with a lot of good inside information.

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