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Welcome to SurfersNet's own refreshing new site on politics.
My name is
Jon Zahm and I will be your host and guide. Our goal is to make your experience here educational, informative, and fun.
The following is a list of features you will find here:

  1. Great links to local, state, and national campaigns, institutions, and organizations.
  2. A column with news and views from yours truly, on topical issues. This will be a forum to get the story behind the story on the political news and people that affect our lives. In the event of breaking news, we will have Special Bulletin postings.
  3. I will respond to all e-mail comments and questions.

    I hope you find that
    PoliticsRight provides a one-stop source of the best that the world of politics has to offer. Please submit links that you would like to see posted on the political links pages.

    After reviewing my experience, and as you will see from my writing, I am a Conservative Republican. Please understand; this site IS FOR EVERYONE. When reporting political news I will be fair and accurate. If I have an opinion on that news item, I will present it as an opinion, not fact.
    We are striving to include a broad and diverse set of links. All parties and philosophies will be represented, unless the sites portray overt racism, sexism, or vulgarity. The overall excellence of
    PoliticsRight will be dependent on the creativity and contributions of us all.

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